Our Communities

We serve people in the communities of Orleans, Cumberland, Sarsfield, Navan, Vars and Carlsbad Springs paying particular attention to those most vulnerable and at risk.

Neighbourhoods Profiles

Avalon-Notting Gate-Fallingbrook-Gardenway South
Chatelaine Village
Cumberland Estates
Navan-Carlsbad Spring
Queenswood Heights

Neighbourhoods Activities

Navan Nugget 
Fallingbrook Community Association 
Cumberland Community Association 
Cardinal Creek Community Association 
Sarsfield Community Association

Information and Social Issues

Making Voices Count
Making Voices Count works with city decision makers to create a city for all. Making Voices Count has recently published a Civic Engagement Kit.   This kit encourages the long-term civic engagement of residents. It helps residents bring community concerns to the attention of City decision-makers so that positive change happens. Using this kit, can influence and bring positive change for the health and wellbeing of all Ottawa residents.

Canadian Index of Wellbeing (CIW)
The CIW is a tool used to assess social progress showing the quality of life of all communities. This index uses 64 indicators grouped under 8 domains providing a complete picture of wellbeing in the following domains: community vitality, democratic engagement, education, environment, healthy population, leisure and culture, living standards and time use.

Values and Principles of Community Development
Community development is sometimes confused with community-based programs, community research and other forms of community interventions. The most significant feature that distinguishes community development from other community work is its values and principles. Community – values and principles

Bridging the Gap: A Call to Action
Community Health and Resource Centres (CHRC) of Ottawa’s report “Bridging the Gap: A Call to Action for the Next Federal Government”,  recommends three key areas that need more attention and funding: affordable housing, food security, and public transit. A call to action