First Words


The First Words Preschool Speech and Language Program of Ottawa is a program that focuses on the prevention, early identification and treatment of speech and language problems in young children (age 0 until they become eligible for senior kindergarten). Screening clinics and intervention services are offered at this site. For more information please visit their website First Words Program

Being the Bridge
A course called ‘Being the Bridge’ is available to parents who wish to stimulate speech development, to build language with their children. This e-learning course is intended to be used as a tool to help parents or caregivers with children in their care, birth to 2 ½ years of age. It is not intended to replace the services of a Speech-Language Pathologist or Early Literacy Professional.

Early identification makes all the difference.
It is the key to a child’s best start in life and is crucial to life success. At First Words, early identification of speech and language delays is important. We encourage families to attend our First Words community screening clinics. These free First Words screening clinics help families determine if their preschool child needs further speech and language services. Ottawa families with children aged birth to eligibility for Senior Kindergarten can attend, no appointment needed. For more information on our screening clinics, visit or call Ottawa Public Health for more information at (613) 580-6744.

“Let’s talk by 2” with you!

TALK with your child throughout the day, every day.
READ to your child every day.