Men and Boys – Resources

This page was created to provide links to resources for Men & Boys / Fathers & Sons who would like to find out more about the following topics:

–  solutions to end violence against women and girls
–  reduce violence between men and boys
–  reduce violence between men and men
–  support men’s positive involvement
–  mental health
–  anger management
–  men’s health
–  male sexual abuse
–  taking a stand on issues related to different forms of violence
–  challenge yourself
–  how men and boys can support each other
–  how to get engaged at home, at school, at work, at play
–  become allies to women and girls experiencing violence
–  gender-based violence issues
–  being a bystander to violence and bullying
–  peer cultures – peer pressure on men and boys

The Orléans-Cumberland Community Resource Centre (OCCRC) offers short term counselling services (drop-in, one-on-one basis or by appointment).  We can also refer you to other resources available to you in the community or at other resource centres.

Please check our website for upcoming workshops and events offered in our community or in the Ottawa area.


The OCCRC has a new program for youth and young adults 14-18 years old

Youth Space – Youth Drop-in
This program gives them the opportunity to participate actively in community life and allows them to develop components of self-empowerment by participating in activities and workshops organized (mostly) by and for youth:
– facilitating discussion and consultation roundtables
– identifying needs and implementation of specific projects
– offering support services and workshops on various topics like self-esteem, positive body image, bullying, etc.
– coordinating and implementing activities to engage youth in the community in identifying issues or initiatives that they would like to explore

For the mental health intervention component, and support groups and workshops, the activities will be developed and offered according to the relevant realities identified by youth and young adults living in eastern Ottawa.  Check our Youth Program 14-18 regularly for activities and events.


—     At home  —  Online  —  At the coffee shop  —  At work  —  In the park  —


Practical Skills for Recovery and Mental Health
Empowering people to make everyday decisions they want to live by

Just for Dads…Parenting when you’re single
Eight-week course offering an informative and interactive exploration of the challenges and opportunities facing fathers parenting on their own.
Offered by Family Services Ottawa, 312 Parkdale Avenue

Canadian Mental Health Association – Ottawa
“I don’t want to talk about it” – Men and Mental Health

March 10, 2015
“Violence Against Women – It’s a Men’s Issue”, presented by Crime Prevention Ottawa in partnership with the Ottawa Coalition to End Violence Against Women.


Centre psychosocial
Centre francophone de santé mentale pour enfants, jeunes et familles.
For services in English please consult Crossroads at

Bullying and violence prevention towards children and youth.

Crossroads Ottawa
The Crossroads Children’s Centre is a fully accredited children’s mental health centre that provides services for children up to age 12 and their families.

Global campaign to activate youth to stop violence against women and girls.  Student-led program aims to teach teenage boys to stop violence against women.

MANifest a Change
“I can MANifest change” is a public awareness campaign – positively engaging men and boys in ending violence against women. I can MANifest change is about empowering men and boys.

Men’s D.E.N.
The Men’s Depression and Education Network — Information and e-tools for men suffering from depression / mental illness.

Ottawa Men’s Centre
Ottawa Men’s Centre is a dedicated support group whose primary goal is to stem the trend of suicide by fathers.

Rural Dads Matter
Rural Family Connections Inc. is a non-profit organization made up of parents, caregivers and childcare experts who work together to develop, offer and support quality early learning programs and childcare in our community.

The Men’s Project
We provide individual and couple counselling, as well as a specialized healing program for men who have experienced sexual or physical abuse as children, anger management, emotional intelligence and fathering.

White Ribbon Campaign
White Ribbon is the world’s largest movement of men and boys working to end violence against women and girls, promote gender equity, healthy relationships and a new vision of masculinity.

Youth Service Bureau
Services in four core areas: mental health, community and housing, employment, and information on youth justice.


Anger Management
Ronald T. Potter-Efron, MSW, Ph.D.
Dr. Potter-Efron is the author of 16 books including Handbook of Anger Management, Angry All the Time, Letting Go of Anger, Letting Go of Shame, Healing the Angry Brain and his soon to be released book Anger Management and Domestic Violence Offender Treatment.

Are you a male victim of sexual abuse?

Positive Male Identity: What is a Real Man, Anyway?

Ted’s Talk
Violence Against Women – it’s a men’s issue