Youth Program 14-18

Program for youth and young adults
14-18 years old

A program for youth and young adults started in August 2015. This program aims to fill the gap through resources and opportunities organized for individuals in this age group who live in the Orléans-Cumberland and adjacent areas. The program gives them the opportunity to actively participate in community life and allows them to develop components of self-empowerment by participating in activities and workshops.

The program worker will coordinate activities that will be, for the most part, organized by and for youth: –  facilitating discussion and consultation round-tables –  identifying needs and implementation of specific projects –  offering support services and workshops on various topics like self-esteem, positive body image, bullying, etc. –  coordinating and implementing activities to engage youth in the community in identifying issues or initiatives that they would like to explore

For the mental health intervention component, and support groups and workshops, the activities will be developed and offered according to the relevant realities identified by youth and young adults living in eastern Ottawa.

Youth Space

Activities for June 2017


Youth Space is a place where youth aged 14-18 can come to meet other youth in their community, share experiences, have fun, go on outings, discuss about their needs, gain access to a variety of resources and be referred to other services that can meet their needs.




Youth Walk-in


The Youth walk-in is a unique space for youth aged 14-18 to come in without an appointment to talk one-on-one with a Youth Worker about their needs and access or be referred to a variety of resources.

Info: Tanya Lapointe Harris (613) 830-4357 ext. 140






 LGBTTQ+* Youth Drop-in













YOUTH ACTIVE MEDIA : JULY 24th -28th from 10AM to 3PM  

Youth participants will develop media and video production skills, and will be exposed to social responsibility and civic engagement. They will learn to leverage effectively the power of the arts for positive social change and community building. They will accomplish this by using the tools and professional equipment available to them to create videos with compelling content for media applications and community-led grassroots actions. The youth will develop video and multi-media communications products, which will help communicate the issues and improvements in the community.

The Ottawa Youth Active Media Project (YAM) is an innovative, skill development and civic engagement program for youth. The main goal is to empower youth to effect positive social change in their local communities on key issues that matter to them and to build connections between participants and the broader community. The second goal is to increase the communications capacity of neighbourhood-based community development initiatives.






Now officially open:

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Crisis Line

The 24/7 Crisis Line & Chat services are for children and youth ages 18 and under who are experiencing a crisis, and for parents, guardians, caregivers, friends or service providers who are concerned about a young person in crisis. See YSB website for more information: 24/7 crisis line