Staff Retreat Sept 2015 (27)

Our Vision: A leader in strengthening our community.

Our Mission: To establish and operate a community resource centre whose role is to offer comprehensive community services. The goal of these services is to meet the physical, emotional, social, economic and mental needs of English-speaking and French-speaking residents of Orléans-Cumberland and surrounding areas.

Our Mandate: Working with our community to support individuals in achieving their full potential.

Our Values: Respect, personal connection, diversity and inclusion and empowerment.

  • Non-profit bilingual organization
  • Has served the Orléans-Cumberland communities for more than 30 years
  • Largest multiservice centre located east of the City of Ottawa’s Green Belt
  • Works in partnership with various community agencies

We offer a wide variety of free programs and services, here is just an overview of some.  We encourage you to browse our website to find out about all of them. 

Adults and families:

Babies, children and teens: