Executive Director
Luc Ouellette
ext. 207

Program Manager
Chantal Pomerleau
ext. 210

Manager of Finance and Administration
Suzanne Wert
ext. 208

Community Development
Mélanie Jubinville-Stafford
ext. 306

Direction Assistant
Ingrid Sylla
ext. 209

Volunteer Program
Rosanne Canzanella
ext. 305

Fund Development and Marketing Coordinator
Cindy Mackay
ext. 305

Niki Léonard-Smith
ext. 110

Communications Specialist
Oriana Ngabirano
ext. 209

Early Years Centre

Dominik Lavictoire
ext. 303

Suzanne Vivarais
ext. 304

Caroline Robillard
ext. 302

Intake and Counselling

Lisa Smith
ext. 154

Tracy Pressé
ext. 151

Food Bank Program

Nicole Perras
ext. 158

Cathy Vautour
ext. 158

Child and Youth Program

Hélène Leblanc
ext. 152
(ages 7 to 13)

Tanya Lapointe-Harris
ext. 140
(ages 14 to 18)

Joël Beauchesne

ext. 145